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EJ's Events

EJ doesn’t do run-of-the mill…

Nor anything you will have seen before. Our interest is not in churning out events and celebrations that are replicated, but in crafting personal individual and tailored occasions that mean the world to those involved.

EJ's Emporium

EJ’s Emporium; where magic happens…

EJ has overseen hundreds of events in a variety of settings with a range of customers. He has an eye for the balance between practical and creative, and is aided by his partner and team of dedicated and distinctive party practitioners.

EJ's Tequila

Good tequila is a matter of alchemy…

Many people have had a bad experience with tequila in the past that’s left them shuddering and grimacing. Few have experienced Tequila’s wealth of marvellous mysteries that will tempt and tease the taste buds.

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